Monday, 4 December 2006

2nd Annual GG Awards

2nd Annaul GG Awards (take that AFI Awards !)

GG TV Award 2006; and the nominations are :
Oz (SBS)
World Cup football (SBS) {a close second to Blokesworld, with special mention of 'Steph' aka Stephanie Brantz}
Naomi Robson (7) {because of Wa Wa, Beaconsfield, 1 lizard on shoulder, getting the sack!}
Arrested Development (7) {other worthys, Scrubs, Sharpe's Challenge, long awaited Sopranos}
World Cup football (SBS)

And the Winner, SBS Football (SBS)

GG Movie Award 2006; and the nominations are :
Capote {with honourable mention to King Kong}
10 Canoes
The Constant Gardener
anything that featured 'Penny' {and anything that did not feature Nicole} {that is just petty and spiteful, ed.}

And the Winner, 10 Canoes

Congratulations to our winners. Many thanks to our faithful subscribers who drank the beer, nominated their favourites and had the good grace to go home again at the end.
And a raspberry to Lacho who did none of the above until much, much later (but he did go home eventually).
This will (likely) be the last post for Twenty Oh Six and I look forward to running between the wickets for you next year. GGBlog