Thursday, 23 November 2006

TV Tasty Knows loves Richie

TV Tasty Knows has been scouring the halls and back rooms of TV land in the hope that there something more for transmission than the famine-like of offerings we have been getting. Alas, there is nothing much to report.
Of current interest, TV Tasty Knows recommends only the Sopranos and West Wing, and that is about it. The rest is just packing material akin to what one might get upon opening a cheap Taiwanese toaster, or the interesting but bizarre plastic hook things that keep socks together that you'll get from Aunty May this Christmas. See? Already you are more interested in the analogy than any TV programs.

TV Tasty Knows Pick of the Summer
One bright beacon does shine, and that dear GG blogees, is CRICKET. TV Tasty Knows will be watching (and listening) to the cricket all summer, tuning in to watch in accordance with the adage:
"Ashes to Ashes,
It's a must, a must."

The Poms need to be given a cricket lesson my friends, and following that, be ground into the dust and returned home, stripped of laurels too easily bestowed last year, by a country starved of sporting success. 5 tests, of 5 days each equals 25 days of slow cooking English oompa-pa goonery on a spit. Just the way we like it.

Finally, TV Tasty Knows wishes that all you TV punters enjoy yourselves at the Turf Bar.
(They have Kronenbourg 1664 and Hoegaarden on tap - TV Tasty Knows !)

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lach said...

I've eaten thousands of meat pies, drunk many a slab and watched my fair share of footy games. But for the life of me I will never understand why anyone would get excited about cricket. It will forever be a mystery.