Thursday, 8 February 2007

In No Man's Land - GG

Welcome to GG in 2007 – our weekly highlight package of what’s on the box, inspired by Thursday's Green Guide.
Below you will find many entries about What I Did In The Holiday’s and regular readers are invited to make relevant contributions (regularly or not) which will be posted here :- rants, film reviews, TV likes, you know, the usual.
I note a return of Ricky Gervais’ Extras (Wed 2 9P), the first ep. starring Orlando Bloom, which will be of interest to many.
No Man’s Land (Tue SBS 12am-midnight) is a 2001 Bosnian black comedy which pitches one Serb and one Bosnian soldier into a disused bunker, in no man’s land, between the two lines. The UN, the media and the two sides are all ‘targeted’ as is the absurdity of war. The absurdity of “having a referee traipsing about a battlefield in the middle of a war works only on paper” and provides a “sharp and bitter comment.”
For mine however, I will be sure to tape Journey Into Fear (Thu 2 120A) which teams up Joseph Cotton and Orson Welles immediately after The Magnificent Ambersons and Citizen Kane. “The film is as good as Hitchcock, with the unmistakeable stamp of Welles all over it. Great editing keeps it as tight as a tourniquet at 70 minutes.”

Post Script - and don't forget to go "over the page" for the final post on what I did in the holiday's regarding Happy Feet !

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