Monday, 1 December 2008

Blog Re-design

I have been fiddling with the design and functionality of my blogsite over the past few days. I have changed some of the link features on the sidebar, down the right hand side, including a scrolling photo board. In honour of the new film release Australia, I have started with a Nicole Retrospective. Can you name each of the movies she appears in? I expect I will change the content of the slide show every now and again as time and ideas allow.
I have also added a counter down the very bottom of the page. I know every website has them, and clever programmer people add them in with ease, but I was very excited to find this bit of code, linking back to WebTracker.
Finally, I have changed the look of the site. I haven't totally settled on the final colour combination but I think a black background is an improvement over the white. I am far from happy with the header, so expect changes there.
Let me know what you think. Are the colour combinations working for you? Do you use, or are you likely to use, the links?

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