Sunday, 22 February 2009

Things I Like #3 - The Borek Stand

What makes Thursday the best day of the week? Reading the Green Guide certainly. But what else? On Thursday I buy fruit at the Queen Vic Market, to feed the hungry monkeys at my house for the next week. For lunch I buy simply the best lamb kebab souvlaki (with garlic sauce) from the Borek stand, in the Deli. And for only $6.
The Turkish ladies who serve are the toughest and most hard working vendors on the site. They are constantly serving boreks ($2.50 each) to a pressing crowd, often 6 wide and 5 deep. They know who is next in line, who has ordered what and how much each owes. (I do not eat the boreks simply because the chilli is no good for me. Otherwise I love them too).
Having feasted there every week for a year or more, I am now greeted with a knowing smile. “Lamb garlic ?” “Yes, thank-you.” No more needs to be said. Happiness awaits.

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