Thursday, 27 April 2006

In the mood for love

Movie highlight for the week is Hong Kong director Kar Wai Wong’s In the Mood for Love (Wed SBS 10P). This movie is effectively the prequel (or at least companion piece) to last year’s 2046 which received some air time. Not surprisingly Margaret and David loved it (and by inference In the Mood for Love – read some of Margaret’s gushing and you’ll see why). Both films have the same male character, played by Tony Leung, who falls for Maggie Cheung in the first and Zhang Ziyi in the second (and quite frankly, who wouldn’t?). In the Mood for Love is beautifully shot, Cheung’s “early 1960s dresses utterly stunning” and the musical theme “striking”. Take the chance to watch this otherwise relatively hard to get film before venturing down to the local library to watch 2046.
Whale Rider (Sun 7 830P) stars an impressive Keisha Castle-Hughes (nominated for an Oscar for her performance) in what effectively is a coming of age story within an indigenous community (in this case the New Zealand Maoris) and challenging long held traditions and beliefs.
Try to avoid View from the Top, Beverly Hills Cop III, Cats & Dogs and Mission Impossible II. Ocean’s Eleven (Sat 9 930P) is a good fun heist movie starring George and Brad (yes, you know who they are) but that is as far as you are allowed to go.


rise tall or dwarf c said...

As far as GG Blogging goes for me I say, "Lead and I will follow you. Anywhere!" I just think it's amazing. I love where it goes, I love its use of the typed form, I love the way it makes the TV world look. I, honestly, it's so beautiful. And for me, I say I hate critique. This blog site is wall to wall critique, I don't mind. I embrace it. I mean, I'm so indulgent with it, but obviously, I loved 'The Rant', which I think is the most exquisite piece of emailing. And it's obvious that it is hard to let go, too. Because I think it was originally conceived through creative expressionism, or perhaps, boredom. And, you know, gradually, it's had to let go of the, of the rant side of it, and concentrate on the core essence. And yet I know it cannot. Nor indeed should it.
Thanks GG
(and thanks Margaret.)

lachlan said...

The above poster is a very strange individual.

"Cats & Dogs" is ok, not too bad. Probably wouldn't waste my time on it again, but the kids would like it. Mission Impossible II is rubbish. (Anyway, anything with Cruise in it is worth boycotting)

I taped "Thank God you're here" last night but only caught glimpses - it looked ok but reasonably lame. Nothing new there.

rise tall or dwarf c said...

I'm strange Lachlan?
No. You are strange.
Take that.

(And it may not be an individual blog. This COULD be a collective blog from a Chinese province.