Thursday, 18 May 2006

Classic Line-Up

A feast of older movies to look forward to this week but lets go through, one day at a time.
Kate & Leopold (7 845P) : it stars Meg Ryan so it must be a RomCom and Hugh Jackman. Fun enough : “date movie” of the week.
Swimming Pool (SBS 945P) French thriller directed by Francois Ozon with the (now older) sexy Charlotte Rampling and the (still younger) sexy Ludivine Sagnier. Rampling plays a crime-fiction writer holing up in her publisher’s holiday house while she works on her new novel and is gatecrashed by her publisher’s daughter (Ludivine). The “freewheeling 20-something’s promiscuity and laid-back lifestyle [is] opposite” to the 60 year olds restraint. They initiate a truce and “repressed desires begin to take flight in fiction if not reality and the plot begins to segue into a zone where truth and fiction merge or dissolve. This is an engaging treatise on creative writing. It is also an intriguing study on the power of opposites as they dissipate in the murky (later, crystal clear) waters of the eponymous bathing pool.” This is my movie of the week.
A Fistful of Dollars (7 1205A) Sergio Leone’s debut western stars Eastwood in his first western movie role and it was the making of both of them. Mostly a carbon copy of Kurosawa’s Yojimbo, it spawned a sequel (For a Few Dollars More) and two masterpieces : The Good, The Bad and the Ugly and Once Upon a Time in the West.
The Big Sleep (7 2A) Bogie as private dick Philip Marlowe and Bacall; follows directly on from the western.
Earlier in the day, A Rebel Without a Cause (9 230P) deserves its iconic place in film history starring James Dean “you’re tearing me apart!” – worth it if you haven’t seen it.
Black Sunday (SBS 1030P) 1960 Italian horror classic starring Barbara Steele : “this black-and-white film is stunning to look at and superbly atmospheric.”


Masked Avenger said...

Any T&A in Swimming Pool?

GGBlog said...

Thankyou for your enquiry MA (you can hide but I know who you are). My workplace employment contract forbids me from searching for, displaying, referring to, talking about or engaging in any activity which will / could / might be in any way seen as discriminatory or harrassing in areas such as race, nationality, ethnicity, sex, gender, marital status, pregnancy, potential pregnancy, breastfeeding, parental status, sexual preference, lawful sexual activity, gender identity, disability, impairment, industrial activity, industrial inactivity, medical record, irrelevant criminal record or conviction, religious belief, religious activity, sexual harrassment, family responsibilities, political belief, political activity, HIV/AIDS, age, physical features, personal association with someone who has or is assumed to have one of these personal attributes. This means that I cannot respond to your question at this time.
{Suffice to say if you watch it you won't be disappointed}