Thursday, 18 May 2006

Return of the Rant ?

Now there’s no need to ring and tell me that my Nic has announced that she is getting married to that country music wanna-be Keith Urban – I ALREADY KNOW (Uncle J got in first). I’m okay with that. Good luck to them.
Its sad though reading about marriage break-ups that occur all around us – in the news at the moment is the Rex Hunt infidelity and the Greg Norman & Paul McCartney splits (not from each other as it happens). Now I don’t know these people and its only because they’re high profile that they make the news. I know that marriages fall down all the time. Its just a pity that either one person wasn’t faithful, or both weren’t more compassionate, or open to talk more, or whatever the scenario is.
At Small Group on Tuesday night we talked about conflict (ostensibly within the context of a small group however the idea of conflict in relationship is very widely applicable). Conflict itself can be a good thing but it must be done with an air of grace and humility, an underlying motivation to relate and converse, a desire to listen to the other point of view. That’s how relationship flourishes and not flounders. Ultimately that’s what love is, that giving of yourself (not taking what you can get) and it’s a pity that more relationships, both in the newspapers and out, don’t appear to exhibit this.


lachlan said...

I notice with interest that Rexy was saying:

"There have been three women, and never have prostitutes been involved... the arrangement that I made was not with a prostitute. It was with three women who were desperate for money"

Umm, now what I don't understand is:

A - what the difference between a prostitute and "someone who is desperate for money" is

B - what difference it makes if they were 'prostitutes' or not.

Sounds like he's trying to ease his guilty conscience by saying to himself "phew, at least I wasn't involved with prostitutes, that would be really bad".

Plus I don't really understand why this has to be front page news. How to the papers justify this? By saying that "the public have a right to know"? Or do they not even bother justifying this kind of thing anymore?

rise tall or dwarf see said...

Nice to see the rant back rob!
What better to read than the Green Guide while in the emerald isle...