Thursday, 19 April 2007

AFL, Headland & Selwood - Rant

What a disgrace this Headland/Selwood issue has become !
Firstly, Headland (of the Dockers) is found guilty of smacking the life out of Selwood but is then given no penalty for “exceptional and compelling circumstances by way of provocation.” Selwood (of the Eagles) is then found not guilty for saying anything that might have been provocative ! How does that work ? The AFL’s inconstancy aside a far more disgusting issue has been blared across our sensibilities.
So Selwood claims he didn’t make sexual connotations about Headland’s daughter. His defence went something like, “I was referring to some slut I met the other night.” Like that’s okay to admit that in public ? I know from being involved in a footy club that blokes are blokes and don’t always say or act in a way that is “constructive.” But to suggest that you can defend your actions with the denigration of women is an insult to all footy fans and women everywhere.
The AFL, by and large, has been constructively on the front foot about a number of key social issues : race relations and women in football being two that come to mind. This behaviour by this one player however runs the risk of railroading the League quickly. And to say nothing of the reputation of the Eagles at this point in their history !

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