Thursday, 19 April 2007

Bolly, Aish Rai & Jane Austen - GG

While Bride and Prejudice (Fri 9 830P) is a British/American co-production it captures much of what is great about Bollywood films : the colour, the song, the fun and many Indian stars, none more so than lead Aishwarya Rai (the most beautiful woman in world cinema ?) in the “Elizabeth Bennett” role.
With a lavish American budget and the dialogue all spoken in English, B&P is an easy GG movie of the week AND one that you can share with your GLW.
Directed by Brit, Gurinder Chadha, B&P followed hot on the heels of her international success, Bend It Like Beckham.


clockwise said...


You forgot to mention "the chaser's war on everything" - it's back on and it's pretty darn funny.

GGBlog said...

GLW - Good Lady Wife
(of course !)