Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Eastern Rovers Rd 5 vs Frankston - match report

I did not attend Sunday’s fixture against Frankston and the winter weather and driving rain was not the reason. I did in fact sit in my lounge room in front of my log fuelled open fire place watching The Good The Bad and The Ugly but that wasn’t the reason I didn’t play either. In truth, one my young fellows was unwell and we thought a trip to hospital might have been in order. As it turns out he recovered sufficiently to avoid that but by then I had made the call to opt out of Sunday’s game.
As it turns out, it was a good game to miss. Reminicent of some of the worst of Mitcham Tigers circa 2006, the final score was (14.13) 97 to (0.3) 3. The coach apparantly went straight to the bar at the final siren and didn’t address the team. And this against the third best team in the competition. We have teams 1 and 2 coming up. At least we can get that foolish notion of ‘finals’ out of our system and enjoy the rest of the year, come what may. It will make Wednesday night training an interesting experience !

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Risky Racket said...

That's when you need a mercy rule.
So how are you going to avoid the next two matches?