Thursday, 7 June 2007

Running - GG

Johnny To (Election) likes to take the classic Hong Kong cop / triad storyline and instead of filling it with martial arts (countless) or slapstick (some of Jackie Chan’s finest), he creates suspense and drama around two protagonists, not necessarily on either side of the law, who are certainly never “good” or “straight” in their behaviour. In Running Out of Time (Sat SBS 1A) To manages just this as a master criminal with only days to live from a terminal illness sets out to extract revenge on an unsuspecting police force. Plenty of clever plot twists from both cop and crim. as they both set about trying to outthink the other. Violence comes in bursts and the chase/action scenes are frenetic.
The Illustrated Family Doctor (Sat SBS 930P) is an Australian comedy/drama starring Samuel Johnson, Colin Friels and Sacha Horler and never quite achieved credible success when it was released in 2005.
Other movie classics can be found in The Red Shoes (Sun ABC 115A) and Great Expectations (Mon ABC 1230A). Both excellent.
And for the young girls, the premiere of Barbie Fairytopia:Magic of the Rainbow (Sat 7 1P).

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