Thursday, 5 July 2007

Eastern Rovers Round 6 Match Report

Last Sunday’s Round 6 match between Eastern Rovers and top side Glen Orden was always going to be a difficult assignment given the Rovers recent run of form. The end result demonstrates clearly who was the superior team (13 goals to 2) however as I like to point out, they didn’t thrash us as much as Frankston two weeks ago but I bet they don’t care : Glen Orden are on top of the ladder with 6 wins and 0 losses.
Yours truly played a little over a half, starting on the bench and moving to Half Back a little before half-time. A half-dozen kicks and handballs meant that I was kept in the game. In the last quarter I picked up their key forward who would have continued his merry dance had his teammates kicked the ball long and deep. They didn’t and I looked like the premier backman with my opponent only touching the ball once.
A couple of photos taken by a very rugged-up spectator, Rise Tall etc who even now is enjoying the warmth of the Gold Coast.

Indisputable proof that I got at least one kick and one handpass !

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