Thursday, 12 July 2007

GG Famine

Once again the weekly GG meal is famine and so you may as well eat junk food to avoid starvation than rely on a king’s feast which may never happen. So watch Austin Powers, or Die Hard 2, or Gone in 60 Seconds, or National Treasure. While you’re at it, in the TV stakes you may as well watch Lost : Greatest Hits followed by Lost : The Answers. In truth, the third Harry Potter movie (Prisoner of Azkaban) (Sat 9 730P), directed by Alfonso Cuaron (Y Tu Mama Tambien, Children of Men) is the best of the four (although early reports of the latest instalment suggests that #5 might be better yet) with Cuaron moving away from the “children’s film” emphasis of Columbus’ earlier efforts by putting a bit of URST into the teenage protagonists.

1 comment:

clockwise said...

You're reporting a famine when Austin Powers is on?? Austin Powers 2 & 3 are rubbish but the original is hilarious. Just remember the following quotes:


"Who does number 2 work for?"

"Sadly, that train has sailed"

"That kind of thing isn't my bag baby!"

"All I wanted was sharks with fricken laser beams on their foreheads!"

"Actually he's quite correct, I do want to kill him, but so far he's proven to be quite astute like his old man"