Sunday, 1 March 2009

Things I Like #4 - Crumpler bag

Sure, it makes me totally hip, trendy and modern, and sure, it highlights the blue in my eyes, but what I really like about my Crumpler messenger bag is that I can carry it over my shoulder, keep my hands free while I walk, and carry whatever I need to easily. The shoulder strap is broad enough to be comfortable, the flap is safely secured by Velcro and may be further secured by clips and the bag sits in place on my back by a simple yet ingenious third leg. I have “accessorised” it further by purchasing a wee mobile phone pocket which sits on the outside for convenient access. Totally Happening!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

oh for any sakes......
It's school bag.

"My crumpler is better than a backpack."
- Discuss.

(And thats one less bag bought from Victoria's Bag Emporium.)

(I have one myself relating to the carrying of camera gear.)