Thursday, 2 February 2006

Movie & TV Highlights

The movie highlight for me this week is an Errol Morris documentary (he of 'Fast Cheap and Out of Control' and 'Thin Blue Line') as renown for his quirky subjects as his scripted docos.
'Mr Death : The Rise and Fall of Fred A Leuchter Jr' (SBS Wed 1A (Thurs)) chronicles the man who dedicated much of his career to the redesign of electric chairs and execution equipment. Leuchter's concern was a humane one for the suffering of others (imagine frying some person on an unreliable apparatus but not actually killing them) but has perhaps been highjacked by those that champion efficient killing and, in a slight side-step, holocaust deniers.

Sixth Sense is an always creepy and well made ghost story (7 Tue 830P)

Henry V (ABC 1A Thu) starring Laurence Olivier

Allan Border Medal for cricket nuts (9 Mon 930P)

SuperBowl for sports nuts (SBS Mon 10A & 11P)

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