Thursday, 9 February 2006

Sjov uddunstning

The current events in the muslim world surrounding Danish embassies etc takes me back to the playground in 1985.
I had a friend who had done something that I'm sure he now regrets and that was, in its own context, deplorable. No lasting harm came of it however. It was in reality a desperate act by a desperate boy who felt diconnected and unloved by his parents.
His problems magnified however when another mate of his had taken a photo of this act which was then seen at school by some trouble makers. These thugs climbed the moral high ground, were "outraged" and looked for an opportunity to mete out some justice with their fists.
The outrage expressed by many, many muslims (all from outside Australia I might add) seems a little over the top in response to an insensitive cartoon in a Danish newspaper.
The media and the violent muslims remind me of those mugs from year 9 at school. Looking for any means to create a story or go on a rampage, they highjack something about which they can be "outraged" and use it justify their actions.
Let it be said that I don't support vilification of other religions or race or gender etc etc but I don't support anarchy either.

The title by the way is Danish for "Comic Rant".

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GGBlog said...

Here is a much more considered and well thought out article compared to my rant, from the 'opinion' pages of the Age, dated Thursday 9 February.
The starting point is here :
"The cartoons, including one depicting the prophet's headdress as a bomb, are only the fuse that set off a combustible mixture of pressures and tensions anchored in a much wider array of problems."
Read it here