Thursday, 2 February 2006

TV Love My Way

Love My Way, on Foxtel, won numerous awards after series 1 last year and is about to begin airing series 2.
GG writes : “As with the first series, it’s the writing that stands out. It has a level of sophistication and nuance unusual in Australian drama. The characters are fully fleshed, compelling and they ring true. The writers have enough confidence in their actors and viewers to leave things unsaid, to hint at meaning.”
After the summer dross highlighting how little there is to look forward to on television at any time, it is a pity that something (anything) that can be written about like this is tucked away on pay TV where most of us don’t get to see it.
For the record, I have noticed that it has been released on DVD and is available at my video shop and so the opportunity is there for those keen enough.

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