Thursday, 22 June 2006

Capt'n Jack

Possibly one of the better decisions for fans of either Peter Jackson or King Kong, was the release of Mighty Joe Young (Fri 7 midday) in 1998. Because of this simian release, Jackson’s remake of Kong was shelved and he focussed his attention on Lord of the Rings. The rest as they say is history. Without anywhere near the resources or the profile, let alone the technology, the younger Jackson would not have been able to accomplish the epic he did last year. Mighty Joe Young stars Charlize Theron (a good reason) and Bill Paxton (I would rather sit through a Sally Field-fest) which may be reasons to watch and not watch accordingly.
Roxanne (Sat 10 3P) and Mystery Alaska (Sun 7 1120P) are fun enough, not very recent comedies. The first stars Steve Martin as the rhinitically challenged Cyrano and the second, our Rusty as the ice hockey champ turned chump taking on the New York Rangers.
For all daughters out there, Barbie’s latest animated creation, Barbie Fairytopia – Mermaidia (Sun 7 145P) is a must watch and must tape. Great fun for girls with good songs and exciting stories.
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (Sun 7 830P) likewise stars Rusty (but don’t hold that against it) in a role that suits him : rugged, physical and as a leader of men who follow him because he appeals with his heart and inspires with his mind. Australian Peter Weir is director and Russell Boyd the cinematographer who won an Oscar for his efforts. Yes it’s a rip roaring sea-faring adventure but where the film adds value for mine is the mateship exhibited between Crowe’s Captain Aubrey and Paul Bettany’s Dr Maturin.

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