Thursday, 15 June 2006

New Segment : TV Tasty Knows

We have a very welcome new entry to Thursday=Green Guide Day blog spot this week. TV highlights are a portion of the market not traditionally covered by your regular correspondent and so I have great pleasure in introducing TV Tasty Knows. - ed. GGBlog


TV Tasty Knows:
As you may have seen mentioned within this pithy tome, the World Cup is upon us. And verily, verily I say unto you, there is no getting around it. And it grows on you (like mould). News reports, radio updates, talk back, discussion at the office printer, (and yes, even blog spots) are humming with talk of Ronaldo this, and off-side that. For late night relief, TV Tasty Knows refers you to the current gems of American Dad, Scrubs (though current series is more forced), and any episode you can find of Arrested Development. Indeed these are among the best of T.V. offerings, and those looking to catch the Cup action would be well served to tickle themselves with these while they're up.

TV Tasty Knows Pick of the Week:
Enough Rope (Mon ABC 930P)
Interview with Peace Activist Ciaron O'Reilly
I heard Ciaron O'Reilly's story told with dry Irish humour and his highly thought-provoking motivations earlier this year and immediately thought, "he should be on Denton." On Monday he is. If he has time to tell the full circumstances of facing ten years gaol for $U.S. 2.5 million criminal damage to a US Navy warplane enroute to invasion of Iraq, you are in for a very well spent hour. His legal reasoning and stance in non-violently (and farcically) challenging our world leaders solutions for peace is highly stimulating and perhaps even inspirational.


rise tall or dwarf c said...

Nice one TV Tasty Knows!
Denton sounds good. Ciaron O'Reilly is in another league to Michael Moore, (and with actual head shaking humour with it.)

lach said...

I've seen the first 20 episodes of "American Dad" and it was brilliant. Americans poking fun at Americans - not something you see very often.

And then I had the displeasure of watching an episode on TV titled "Helping Hands". It was complete rubbish and almost embarassing how bad it was (think Simpsons series past 6). I just hope that the writers can lift their game and not resort to the trash that that episode was.