Thursday, 29 June 2006

TV Tasty is outraged

TV Tasty KnowsIt is with much soul searching that TV Tasty Knows will not present Part 2 of TV Quiz Shows as intimated last week.
"What", you may ask, "could prompt this departure?" "What, pray tell," I hear you ask annoyingly again, "has appeared in the sights of the metaphoric telescope which has been diligently scanning the TV landscape by TV Tasty Knows?"
Well my immediate response is to say that the expression "pray tell" is pretentious, superfluous, and underused (mostly for the previous two reasons). And furthermore, any use of "metaphoric telescope" is passable - but only just.
More importantly though than these distractions, is a serious aberration which occurred in TV tasting land and TV Tasty Knows.
A golden rule has been broken namely: "If a travel show segment involves snorkeling or similar underwater activity, it shall exclusively be undertaken by the female host/s of that show, including but not limited to, a wide descent shot, with body arch." (The inclusion was an amendment passed in 2002).
This rule, one of many in TV production land, was broken on Monday night, when Cameron "suck-in-that-tum" Daddo was seen resplendent in budgie smugglers and toppling into some azure sea and then struggling down to admire the vegetation / fish / picturesque wreck beneath. Yes, I nearly brought up the days takings as they say, but it was the shock as well as the sight itself. TV Tasty is a Cameron fan (easily the best presenter of the 26 Daddo brothers) but this sort of willy-nilly disregard for long established TV statutes is just plain wrong.
I will return to TV Quiz Shows Part 2 and your correspondence next week where, as they say, "We will return you to normal programming shortly."

TV Tasty Knows Pick of the Week
Dip into "Absolute Power" (Wed ABC 9P)


the artist formerly known as the artist said...

Any TV show that has Daddo snorkeling instead of Catrina Rowntree should have it's executives shot. There is just no excuse for this travesty of justice.

rise tall or dwarf c said...

I find it hard to believe this happened, but I'm not about to question TV Tasty Knows.
I haven't seen a bloke doing an underwater segment in many years.
(And for the record, now that the subject is open, Catrina Rowntree wouldn't be my first choice in front of Daddo..........)