Thursday, 31 August 2006

Tasty Daddo

TV Tasty Knows sources have the breaking news that the upcoming 50 years of TV celebrations are currently being scheduled at Channels 7 and 9.
Channel Eddie is doing mostly clip show stuff, while Stokesy is out to mix it up a little, with events such as "Dancing with the Stars" judges actually dancing, A Country Practice reunion special, and the three Daddo brothers appearing together for a stage show. Will Ferrell is also being brought out to host an event.
This is not made up (TV Tasty Knows) and is perhaps an interesting comment on the 50 years of TV itself.
The only bright spot in the above is clearly the Daddo brothers. These boys have grown on TV Tasty Knows in recent years. Sure they were too much at the start with their oh-so-wholesome approach and dimples to die for, as they paraded across a vast array of TV shows like clones spewing out of a bad Batman prop.
And it WAS a bit much.
But as the Daddos have spread their wings, gigs have been harder to come by and the boys have got on with their lot, they have found some very nifty niches in TV Land (Zoot Review aside). In a landscape of plastic people, the Daddos are really shining now as likeable, down to earth, I'm-not-taking-myself-too-seriously-coz-my-brothers-will-take-the-piss-out-me-if-I-don't-first, personable hosts and presenters (and also in fact, evil suave henchmen as "Big Mommas House 2" has proved - TV Tasty Knows too much.....)
TV Tasty Knows will be raising a big frothy glass to the talented Daddo's in the next installment.

TV Tasty Knows Pick Of The Week
Well choices are getting thinner folks. Boston Legal (Mon 7 1030P) has peaked, but give it a go.

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You forget TV Tasty - Sopranos is returning soon....