Thursday, 3 August 2006

TV Tasty Knows Morning TV

Is there just too much attention being paid to it? If "yes", why are you reading this? TV Tasty Knows says "yes" too, but is writing to enhance your knowledge - it's a community service essentially (and NOT part of a community based order either).
If the Kochy/Mel Vs Rowe/Stefanovic 58 round ratings fight hadn't already started grabbing more than their fair share of press, then the Beaconsfield mine disaster certainly put the spotlight well and truly on the competition between these two morning animals. Ridiculous updates about their tom-foolery seemed to count for news while the nation waited for the workers extraction.
TV Tasty Knows scratches his head (with a TV antenna) at the supposed appeal of any of the hosts. Popularity surely comes down to which is more bearable in this case, and let's face it, Jessica "the laughing kookaburra" Rowe is way too much to face at any time of the day.
And then there came the "when should we bone her" scandal, followed by the announcement that had already occurred in a manner of speaking, and Jess was pregnant (best wishes), AND now she has fallen down some stairs, which also made the news (and TV Tasty Knows wishes a full recovery).
Meanwhile Karl will lucky if that is all that happens to him through the Dancing on Ice (or "Falling Like Flies") debacle. If you find it hard to believe that people care this much, just remember the nature of recent events, the personal pain, the “Eddie said”/”she said”/”they said”, the magazine covers, the goodie/baddie debate, etc. and then think about the generous proportion of the market segment most likely to be watching daytime TV. Welcome to soap opera city.
As for Kerri-Anne Vs Reyne/Watkins later in the day, you gotta love the snarly anti-host performance of Mr.Reyne. At least it bears more resemblance to how TV Tasty Knows wakes up........

TV Tasty Knows Pick of the Week:

Broken News (Mon SBS 830P); a 6-part British send up of news presenting, specialising in scripting that zings with verbal gymnastics and solid comic timing. For those with quirky taste and although not for everyone, you will get a return on your half hour investment.


lach said...

Jessica Rowe - I have never seen a faker TV presenter. She fake-laughs at everything and it's just excrutiating to watch.

On the flip side I was very disapointed that you did not mention the greatest female television news presenter of our time; Natalie Barr.

Will have to check out 'Broken News', thanks TTK. Sounds good.

Anonymous said...

Natalie Barr? The one born in Bunbury W.A., started work at the Wanneroo Times, switched to reporting for the Golden West Network, then moved to L.A. to further her media career (picking up an Emmy nomination for work on the O.J. Simpson case along the way), and now works on Sunrise? That Natalie Barr?
Well WHEN TV Tasty Knows turns the microscope on female television news presenters THEN she might get a mention. (And "might" should be be in capitals too.)

Thankyou for your correspondance.
TV Tasty Knows is something of a "pearls before swine" exercise, though I think Lach, you may be of a higher order farm yard species.
No, it is a deserved compliment to you.