Thursday, 17 August 2006

TV Tasty Knows Desperation

Are the TV channels getting desperate? It's a rhetorical question.
As Yasmin is now embedded as an industry joke, there are some new, sparkly offerings to tempt viewers being floated this week. TV Tasty Knows will now take the roll call:
Celebrity Survivor - hosted by Dicko with C-list celebrities. TV Tasty Knows thinks there will be little new apart from the fresh silicone top-ups and the odd spat.
David Tench Tonight - Denton crafted and has potential.
Great Comedy Classics with R.Gilbert presenting Brit classics. Not a bad match up when you consider the cheesy (and sometimes painful) but lovable pairing of content and host.
Cracker - back as a telemovie and solid as always.
Real Stories - Featuring a "Hey Dad! - The Movie" segment which could be worth a spoonful from the bain-marie of TV land.
Two-Twisted - Bryan Brown pulls in some stars for some Aussie drama.
The Force - Will rate a bit. This doesn't necessarily mean it will be good, but here's hoping.

TV Tasty Knows Pick Of The Week
Extras, Extras Extras! (Wed ABC 9P)

Last nights episode was comprised of beautifully crafted and excruciatingly awkward moments, some very clever observational humour, intruigingly layered characters, and a biting send up of film making.
It contains hybrid elements drawing from the "head in your hands" comedy pain of Curb Your Enthusiasm, the beautifully edited and subtle body language and pauses from Arrested Development, and a healthy strain of the verbal virtuoso from The Office.

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