Thursday, 15 November 2007

Florence Broadhurst - GG

Red Eye (7 Sun 830P) might be okay for a Hollywood thriller, directed by Wes Craven. Stars Cillian Murphy who seems to play his fair share of psychopaths (Jackson Rippner anyone?), and pretty well too. He has Rachel McAdams in his sights and by all accounts the last third has good tension but the first two-thirds are ordinary.
Over on SBS, Unfolding Florence : The Many Lives of Florence Broadhurst (Sun 9P) is Gillian Armstrong’s biographical documentary on a larger than life character. The feature is a mix of animation, reconstruction and interview to explore the truth of “an enigmatic eccentric”. Through the 1920’s Broadhurst was a singer and dress maker and engaged in “creative self-description” to talk and act her way up through Sydney’s social circles to finally become a much sought after wallpaper designer later in life. Her mysterious and violent death in 1977 remains a mystery. A preview article from today’s GG here.
And in what seems a rare event these days, an Australian soccer game on SBS. An Olympic qualifier between Australia and Iraq (SBS Sat 1015P) from Gosford - good to know we're not getting it live. Olympic matchs are mostly U23 so will not be the full gamut of Socceroos.

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