Thursday, 8 November 2007

Sin City / JSA - GG

Sin City (Fri 7 1130P) is Robert Rodriguez’ film adaptation of Frank Miller’s comic strip of the same name. All the acting was done in front of green screens and filled in by Rodriguez’ computers later on. The comic strips have been lovingly realised and the actors playing in them (Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke, Clive Owen) closely matching their 2D counterparts. Sin City tells three of Miller’s stories which is set amongst a pulpy, film noir world of seedy underbellies and impossibly slender babes. It’s a comic strip after all. But beware, it has provoked wildly different reactions. Roger Ebert scored it 4/4 while our very own Adrian Martin 0/5. How can two very astute movie commentators react so differently? Certainly the heavy use of CGI in place of actual sets, extras, environment etc might be a turnoff. On the other hand, a good story with interesting characters makes for engaging storytelling. Compare this with another 100% CGI film, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, and that looked fake and was boring, so computers are not the answer to everything.
If you’ve just visited the border between North and South Korea (just in case you have) then you will get a bit extra out of Joint Security Area (SBS Mon 12midnight), Park Chan-wook’s (Lady Vengeance) first feature. An interesting insight into the geography that divides the split country, it also provides an insight into the attitudes that separates the two Korea’s via an improbable friendship between opposing border guards.

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