Saturday, 10 January 2009

Roger Ebert defends Nicole

Roger Ebert, America's premiere movie critic and my personal hero, has posted a blog piece that criticises show biz journalism which is entirely apt and defends Nicole in the process.

Why do we thirst for movie stars to fail? Why are so many showbiz journalists like hyenas circling a crippled prey? Why do so many gossip columnists behave like jilted lovers or betrayed investors, livid with anger at what they once valued so highly? Why are a few stars singled out like the victims of school bullies? Why do the box office receipts of "Australia" appear in almost every news outlet, but an actual review of it appears in so few?

Read the full piece here.

My defence of Nicole and Australia is here.


clockwise said...

Ebert being your personal hero? Did you read his review of Weird Al's UHF? Sorry, but I lost respect for him after reading it.

GGBlog said...

Time to move on old boy. If your standard of excellence is Weird Al's UHF, then there is a huge gap between anything I might be able to recommend to you that could compete with Weird Al.

Paul Martin said...

I must say that I've been finding the savage comments about Nicole Kidman shocking.