Thursday, 8 January 2009

Twilight movie review by Mrs Blog

Hi there Green Guide Day followers, this is the Good Lady Wife of the frog! I have decided to hijack his blog to sprout some reflections about a movie I know you are all dying to see : Twilight!
I have had a lovely Christmas break reading the four books in this series : Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and New Dawn, all written by Stephanie Meyers.
At the heart of these books is a love story between two people that defies common sense and logic as love grows uncontrollably between them.
I loved these books. They swept me somewhere else between their pages and their words left me bewitched, wanting more every time I begrudgingly had to put them down. I fell “in love” with the main characters and their world.
Now because I got onto the Twilight bandwagon really late (not being a teenage girl anymore!!), The first movie was out before I even had started reading about the Cullen family.
This “review” stems more from my love of the books and the nearly always terrible adaptations that come in the form of movies. Fabulous books often make their way to the screen because they have been so loved by millions of dedicated readers. The idea of seeing your favourite characters pictorially is irresistible but the movie makers so often disappoint. Directors often feel the need to artistically push their ideas on already well formed plots and manipulate stories lines to “fit” the movie format!! All the while destroying what the audience had been so looking forward to seeing.
I went to Twilight On Wednesday expecting the story to be mutilated, major plot deviations, missing characters and holes everywhere (ie like when I saw The Spiderwick Chronicles) but found that I could intoxicate myself with love, vampires and of course “Edward Cullen” my desires satisfied.
Amazingly this movie captured the mood, the heart, the colour and the characters of Meyers novel. Maybe the subtle details of the story wasn't there, some character development was missing but no movie can ever portray all the detail that a book contains, if they did we would be watching movies that lasted for 10 hours or more and nobody wants that!
So if you have read Twilight I think you are going to enjoy this movie and as for Robert Pattison who plays Edward, FINE FINE FINE!!

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Anonymous said...

I was accidentally mesmerised by Robert Pattison pic when I first saw your blog. But soon into it I was much more interested in your blog because it was so well written! I think Breaking Dawn is my favourite book, and I hope that the movies mature as the books do. I enjoyed Twilight the movie mainly because I was able to 'read the books into it', and i've managed to learn 'Bella's Lullaby' off by heart on the piano! When I play I imagine Edward playing instead. I hope he becomes more sure of his body in New Moon, because he was all face in the movie. Great face though. El.