Friday, 30 January 2009

Things I Like #1 - Podcast

My favourite podcast is News Radio’s Star Stuff, hosted Stuart Gary. While I don’t really know my quarks from my dark matter, the technical segments (such as on gamma ray bursts, or GRBs for those in the know) are always very well explained from either Gary himself or any of his ‘go to’ experts. The program also spends a lot of time on the latest rocket launch from all round the world, whether it’s the first ever (very wealthy) tourist into space, Chinese tests, or American trips to the international space station. I find it endlessly fascinating and Gary’s enthusiasm makes for invigorating listening.
The link to the podcast is here.


Formal Neil said...

If you are fascinated by all things extra-terrestrial then rent yourself “In the Shadow of the Moon”. Ron Howard must have a thing for politics in the early seventies as evidenced by “Frost/Nixon” and “Apollo 13”. He’s the producer of this amazing doco about the early days of the space program and subsequent lunar landings. The astronauts, now all old men, bring the whole era alive with their personal recollections and the space footage is breathtaking.

I also have the dark comedy “Kabluey” ( On second watching I actually found to it to be quite sombre but still funny. Dare I say it, it’s almost like an American version of “Kenny”.

And the Emmy-magnet “Mad Men” ( Loved the first four or so episodes but it started kinda losing it with some truly absurd story lines. From the creators of “The Sopranos”.

clockwise said...

I quite liked Star Stuff, except that I thought it was taken off air? Maybe the podcast has survived.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you enjoy my ipod in such an educational way :)

GGBlog said...

Thanks for the reminder about 'Shadow of the Moon" Formal. I had quite forgotten about it. Will be on the look out for it next rental! Must also take you up on your offer to watch the films, "Recommended by Formal..."

Star Stuff is on NewsRadio at noon on Sunday. It used to be on Sunday evening which was great to listen to as I went off to sleep but alas, no longer. Hooray for podcasts (and iPods!)