Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Eastern Rovers Round 3 Match Report

A few bumps, a few spoils, a few tackles. That was the sum total of my impact against Murrumbeena on Sunday. Yes there were a small handful of other disposals but nothing noteworthy. My direct opponent (the forward pocket) doubles as a human pot plant during the week. He was reluctant to move forward to the ball and wanted to hide as deep in the pocket as he could go. As a result he didn’t touch the ball all day (a victory for me ?) and managed to drag me out of the play often. A most unsatisfying afternoon.
I played a little over 2 quarters of football with the rest of the time watching on the bench (those “team” things; the “one-percenters”) – also unsatifying !
The Rovers are now 2 wins (and 1 loss) for the year with a 69 (9.15) to 49 (7.7) win. The team’s form was most ordinary in the first half and were Murrumbeena a more skilful outfit they would have led. As it transpired the scores were locked at half time through a couple of late Eastern goals. The third quarter however was comprehensive team football from the Rovers. Everyone played on their man, not allowing the opposition any time or space to move forward (they scored one behind for the quarter) and everyone in our team played in front – suddenly all of the free kicks going the other way were coming our way. The umpires aren’t so fickle after all!
Eastern should have led by more but for the fact they struggle to kick goals from set shots. Still, a win is a win and the coach is happy … until training next Wednesday that is.

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