Thursday, 31 May 2007

Braff State - GG

Tragically there is no Soccerroos v Uruguay on free-to-air this weekend but Pene Cruz does star in an Italian drama, Don’t Move (Wed 10P) in SBS’ cult movie spot.
GG pick of the week is Garden State (Sun 7 1030P) which was written, directed and stars Zach Braff (TV’s Scrubs). Braff’s character is addicted to drugs, moves home to live with his wealthy father and teams up with Natalie Portman (“sweet-crazy-sexy”). A brutally honest take on modern America ? Peter Travers describes it as “a hilarious and heartfelt ode to twenty-something angst.” RT likes it at 87%.
And in a revisit of 80’s culture, memories and highlights, Moonlighting (Cybill Shepherd and a brand new Bruce Willis) is on every day at 11A (channel 7) with the pilot ep. tomorrow (Friday).

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