Thursday, 10 May 2007

Fog of War - GG

Depending as to whether the Eurovision Song Contest (Sun SBS 730P) gets you toe-tapping or not will depend as to what you regard as “must see” of the week. Errol Morris’ most recent doc. The Fog of War (Tue SBS 10P) for mine, which expounds the reflections of former US Secretary of Defence Robert McNamara regarding the Cold War, Cuban Missile Crisis and his failures in Vietnam.
In addition to that, Danny Boyle and Alex Garland’s (Trainspotting, Sunshine) modern take on their Day of the Triffids zombie pic, 28 Days Later (Fri 7 12-midnight) is worthwhile. It chronicles a small band of survivors (including Cillian Murphy) against a desolate Britain, save for the soulless, virus infected (monkeys again as it happens), flesh-eating undead. The digital camera work enhances the mood of an isolated waste land that Britain has become. As it turns out, the enemy is not just those who have died. Should tie in nicely for the sequel due out in cinemas next week.
The women-folk love The Notebook (Fri 9 830P) and so you can make this your date movie for the week. There has not been a dry eye amongst any of the XX chromosomes who have watched it while us poor XY’s have to look appropriately sincere. Apparently I was in trouble for saying, “that movie could have finished twenty minutes sooner.”

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