Thursday, 3 May 2007

GG is some kind of monster

While Collateral (Sun 10 830P*) is a good choice for a macho, modern day action film (starring Tom Cruise in a role that requires little emotion and genuinely seems to suit him, and Jamie Foxx, filmed by Aussie Dion Beebe on high def. digital), the “must see” for the week is rock doco, Metallica – Some Kind of Monster (Sat SBS 10P).
What started life as an album ‘making of’ promo., quickly became a gold mine for the filmmakers who ended up following the band around for over 12 months. The doco commences when bass player Jason Newsted quits the band and this precipitates meltdown amongst the remaining members. Lead singer James Hetfield leaves to attend rehab amidst recriminations regarding his commitment by drummer Lars Ulrich while guitarist Kirk Hammett sounds like the little brother, unable to influence the outcome and trying to keep his head below the parapet. High performance group therapist Phil Towle is brought in to facilitate healing between the group members and broker the future of this otherwise highly successful, highly rich heavy metal band. Ironically it is only when the band members unite to oust the Towle that the album is finished and on they go. The film is unusual for its honesty and inclusion of the filmmakers in obtaining the footage.
Bad Education (Wed SBS 10P) stars popular Mexican actor Gael Bernal and was the Pedro Almodovar feature prior to last year’s Volver. Expect competent story telling and real performances from its leads.

* 830P – yeah right ! 857P after Big Brother finishes more like.

On a side note, last night’s At the Movies with Margaret and David has led to a most distressing occurrence.
Ordinarily David offers a more cerebral, considered reflection on the films he has seen and yet retains a boyish enthusiasm for action films. It is no surprise then that Margaret’s gushing emotiveness is not one upon which I see eye to eye while agreeing with David most often.
The last two weeks however have seen Margaret and I come to one accord.
Last week it was Tideland : “I came out of this film and I thought Terry Gilliam has finally lost his marbles. I think the reason this film has taken so long to get here is because it’s unwatchable.”
Last night it was Spiderman : “Spider-Man is the most boring of the franchises possibly it’s got to do with the fact that I think [Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst] are two of the most uncharismatic leads in the business.”
And how’s this for a put down ? “And while I like Kirsten Dunst in Marie Antoinette, in this series I really disliked her, and it strikes me that they [Dunst and Maguire] take the cake as far as the two thin, wobbly-lipped heroines of our time.”
Hear, hear! Oh no, what am I saying ?

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lach said...

You both don't like Spiderman? Finally... proof that you're both cracked!

While I wholeheartedly agree that computer generated scenery is a major problem with modern films (eg, the new stars wars movies) I doubt that it will prove to be a major problem with SM3, judging by the previous films.

While I'm also not a fan whatsoever of boring hollywood action flicks, for some reason Spiderman was a big leap above the ordinary and I really enjoyed it. You know a movie is good when it's on TV, and you stumble upon it, you really want to keep on watching it. Especially for me who really doesn't like watching movies at home, yet alone on regular commercial TV with all the ads! Spidey was on the other night and it sucked me in. The characters are good, the dialogue is good and the action is good.

If Margaret wanted to review a boring action movie, perhaps the Zorro one

Kirsten does a quite good job in the role, and Toby is great. I reckon Marg is just jealous. From now on... just take her reviews with a big grain of salt.