Thursday, 14 September 2006

50 Years of Cringe - Rant

What is it with all the 50 years – Best Of shows? Channels 7 and 9 have been working the hardest to pump out these high profile, easy to manufacture shows, some on a weekly basis for most of this year and apart from being “easy,” “mindless” TV, who actually makes a point of sitting down to watch them ? Obviously a lot do and no doubt a strong part of their appeal is watching highlights of old shows that haven’t been aired for a long time. Mind you, given the number of Graham Kennedy/Bert Newton tribute type remixes of the past two or three years, there can’t be much of their highlight reels that haven’t been shown at least once.
What I thought summed up the history of Australian TV’s poor self-image over 50 years the most is Channel 7’s Star City Casino black tie do on Sunday night which includes Americans Will Ferrell and John C Reilly (along with the vomit inducing Kochie and Mel) as guest presenters of the 50 most whatever moments on (channel 7's) TV over 50 whatever years. I thought we got over that inferiority complex at the Sydney Olympics if not before ? What happened to their point of difference with channel 9 who regularly submit to personality and not to content on their Logie shows with American guest presenters ?
Why do I hate (commercial) TV ? The same reason I hate political spin out of Canberra. Dumbing down what is put to otherwise intelligent folks because that’s what some closed minded, conservative event organiser thinks would suit the main interest. Like all good democracies I have the right to not watch and turn off my TV. I intend to exercise that right !

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