Thursday, 14 September 2006

City of God - GG

There is only one real choice for movie watchers on this week’s TV :
City of God (Wed SBS 10P), Fernando Meirelles’ look into the heart of the Rio de Janeiro-ean slums. Children are as adults : “I smoke and snort, shoot and rob – I’m a man,” says one 10 year old, shortly before he his shot dead. It is a tough and ruthless place where drugs and crime are the only options. Divided into gangs, the stronger survive and move into each other’s territory. While it starts as a “what hope is there?” type of film set in the 60’s, it evolves into an even more fascinating battle between wills and weapons in the 80’s. Highly recommended.
You may also care for The Adventures of Robin Hood (Sat 9 1P – assuming it is actually shown that is), shot in bright and glorious Technicolour starring the cheeky, suave Errol Flynn and the dastardly Basil Rathbone.
Sadly, due notice is given that it is probable that no entry will be posted next week as your humble correspondent uses up the balance of his annual leave and escapes town with the fam. for a few days. Naturally all efforts will be made to post some items of interest if possible.
Now, LA Law – the Movie (Mon 7 midday) anyone ?

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