Wednesday, 27 September 2006

Colonel Sharpe - TV Tasty Knows

Much like the British soldiers shown serving in India, last Sunday’s airing of "Sharpe's Challenge" (Part 1) took TV Tasty Knows by surprise.
As a period drama, Sharpe's Challenge (a later one in the Sharpe series) has all the ingredients that make this rollicking adventure great fun : there is a hero we can barrack for, a steady plot, lots of action, tension filled moments, evil scheming, historical context, class actors who can fill the scope of the story telling (making some acting allowances for the striking female support cast), a striking female support cast, and importantly, following the characters through the ripping adventure.
Sharpe's Challenge was shot on location in India which adds greatly to the impact and lush viewing : stunning scenery, indoor backdrops, local people, local props, amazing architecture, etc. Just the thing that should be scheduled for a Sunday night. Bravo Colonel Sharpe, and all speed to you sir.

TV Tasty Knows Pick Of The Week
Won't be to everyone's taste, but Bro Town (Mon SBS 830P) is out of the box watching.


Fe-mailView said...

Don't mess with the eye-candy!

Anonymous said...

No wonder fe-mailview is enfatuated with my hero's good looks. I have been carefully watching his exploits in other episodes on Foxtel (UK TV Thursday nights) - he is a real chick magnet! I cannot comprehend how a career soldier in the backblocks of Spain, Portugal, France can "score" with so many pretty women. No wonder he seems to have aged in this episode.

fe-mailview said...

Colonel Sharpe provides something for everyone - this is the Sunday night equivilant of a good date movie: plenty of action & violence for the males and period costumes & romance for the females. (i'm sure my friend Germaine will have soemthing to say about this statement)
But Colonel Sharpe is not just split down purely gender stereotypical lines it offers all viewers historic insight, amazing scenary, intrigue & a good rolicking yarn. Not to mention he's bloody good looking (obviously to men & women alike)