Thursday, 14 September 2006

Its Summer, Its Daddo, Its TV Tasty, And I'm In Love

In an exciting initiative, TV Tasty Knows visited the Daddo brothers as part of an in-depth follow-up interview for loyal GGblog-ees.
TV Tasty Knows can report that the boys are living together in the big family house, though as the lads have got married they have separate rooms these days. This is a good thing as the usual fights, horsing around, playing up, unbridled hilarity and squabbles were very much still in evidence, and on more than one occasion Mrs Daddo (Snr) had to separate the boys using the time honoured ear-holding technique (with the wooden spoon also threatened at one point).
After 3 hours of hanging out with the Daddos, TV Tasty Knows was sore from Chinese burns, one of Andrew's model planes was broken, everyone was still giggling from Cameron being sprung stealing choc-bits from the cupboard and no-one wanted to hear Lachie's pimple dramas.
The most interesting fact of the visit (aside from the old Dexter compatibility printouts the Daddos had run on many of their past girlfriends) was the fact that a TV studio had been set up in a converted bedroom, which included an amazing collection of location back drops. Apparently TV producers from the various channels often found it easier to just go to the Daddos house some weeks to film segments.
Thankfully the visit ended in good spirits with a game of backyard cricket - though Andrew insisted he did not snick a caught behind and though it was his cricket bat, a lot of ill feeling remained. Last seen though, Lachie and Andrew were ganging up on Cameron who had been hogging the X-box.
TV Tasty Knows had a great time with the Daddos, and suffice to say, so do viewers.
(GGBlog Note: TV Tasty has been invited back to the Daddos for a Monopoly and Squatter weekend.)

TV Tasty Knows Pick Of The Week
You are being told now right now you little punk-rap-$#%er, "The Sopranos" is back (Wed 9 1040P)
(Who wants out of the Mob? TV Tasty Knows....)

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