Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Home Fix-it

Yep, that's my new indicator lever on my Holden Commodore VN. The factory-fitted lever which served its purpose for the vehicle's first 16 years of life sheared off after getting caught in my suit jacket, on one of those searingly hot days we experienced recently.

I drilled a small hole in the end of the indicator stub which was still attached to the steering column. I then inserted a 20cm wood screw which remarkably, has held firm.
My two biggest fears were that
1) there were some key electrics in the steering column that would react violently should I drill through them, and
2) the plastic surrounding the screw would disintegrate and my solution would prove falliable. I supported the plastic base of my new look indicator with some good, old fashioned, U.S. made gaffer tape.
The outcome so far : the wood screw is stuck fast and allows the driver to easily indicate and operate the high beam. Until it doesn't work, I cannot see why I will need to buy a replacement part and have a mechanic install it !

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Big Al said...

This has got bullet-point-item-in- a-police-RWC-check-blitz-listing written all over it.