Thursday, 22 March 2007

Supplications - GG

Once again the green guide gods have not answered our on-line supplications by not providing us with new and exciting movies to watch(although there is a to-do over the non-programming of The Shield on channel 10).
Opinions regarding the quality of Sexy Beast (Fri 7 1230A) from regular readers of this site are divided. For mine, I rate it highly. Stars Ray Winstone and a ferocious Ben Kingsley.
Human Nature (Mon SBS 1115P) is directed by Michel Gondry and written by Charlie Kaufman (both also responsible for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) and is described in GG thus : “the story of a repressed behaviourist (Tim Robbins) and his sadistic lab assistant (Miranda Otto, with a very cute French accent), a hirsute woman-turned-author (Patricia Arquette) and a man raised as an ape (Rhys Ifans). The theme is the tension between “civilised” life and human instinct. Gondry has a talent for brief self-contained moments, but not for a coherent and cohesive narrative of feature length. This is a postmodern melange where almost every frame is borrowed from somewhere else. To many, Gondry and Kaufman are cult heroes who are replacing storytelling clich├ęs and traditions with freer associations of the mind. To others, [he is] most exasperating.”

No coverage of the International Friendly between the Socceroos and China on Saturday night [boo, hiss] and channel 9 are not covering the Australia v South Africa World Cup Cricket, first round match on Sunday night either. The good news is that Channel 9 are telecasting the Super Eights however (starting next Saturday, March 31 [I think, the on-line program is ambiguous]), one semi-final and the final.
An interesting article in today’s Age by Richard Hinds is well worth a read, regarding the “prominence given to sport on television is now as heavily dependent on the rights-holding arrangement as what viewers want”

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lach said...

Yawn, yawn, and yawn again. Where's the comedy?

I watched Extra's the other night. Sadly, it's turned formulaic. Gervais is almost turning into a 1 trick pony - the bit where he staunchly denied that he was gay was very reminiscent of half of his other jokes. And sadly, it wasn't funny.

The other bits were pretty good, but just a bit too going-through-the motions. There's also the gaping plot hole of Gervais having the terrible agent, and him desperately wanting to be successful, and not getting a new agent. Whoops. Though I really like Merchant - his face just cracks me up.