Friday, 23 March 2007

KT Tunstall

I have just bought a new CD by Scottish artist, KT Tunstall, Eye To The Telescope. I am really enjoying it.
Probably the best known song on the album is the Ugly Betty song, 'Suddenly I See' but 'Other Side of the World' has been released as a single also.
My musical preference is harder rock, usually with a female vocal : Killing Heidi and Evanescence for example.
Having said that however I love listening to KD Lang who has such a beautiful voice and simple acoustic backing. She tends toward country.
KT (unlike KD Lang, the "KT" is modern speak for "Katie", go figure) is more ballad-type rock with acoustic guitar or keyboard accompanying her. She has a great voice which carries the album. You can listen to samples on Pandora.

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