Thursday, 8 March 2007

Ocean's Robot - GG

The GG highlights for the week, for what they’re worth, are first-run-on-TV films from 2004 : I, Robot (Fri 7 830P) and Ocean’s Twelve (Fri 9 830P).
I, Robot has Will Smith interacting with CGI and, by and large, the first half works. The second half flags under a convoluted and yet predictable series of double crossings and misunderstandings. Directed by Australian Alex Proyas who is also responsible for The Crow and Dark City. I, Robot is no worse than either of those but no better either.
Ocean’s Twelve is a light hearted caper-comedy that is one step more silly than Ocean’s Eleven which was silly enough and one step less charming. The comedy cannibalises its own pop culture references (with Julia Roberts playing Tess playing Julia Roberts, as an example) and while this might work for a sitcom or sketch show, is not a device that I warmed to in this film.
Also, Hannah and Her Sisters (7 Sun 1A) is arguably Woody Allen’s best film. I can’t remember if I have seen it or not, so I will be tuning in to try and decide once and for all whether Woody Allen is really worth getting excited about.


Anna Gram said...

Rearranging the letters in "Woody Allen" gives you "A LEWD LOONY".

lach said...

I'm quite a big Asimov fan, so I saw "I, Robot" at the movies. It's quite enjoyable. Completely destroyed the soul of the book, of course, by dumbing it down so that Americans could understand it. It's still not bad though. Watch the film then read the book.