Thursday, 13 July 2006

Guy Pearce again

The Count of Monte Cristo (Fri 7 845P) precedes Memento and also stars Guy Pearce. Based on Alexandre Dumas’ wonderful story of wrongful imprisonment and revenge, this movie version is pure excrement. Save yourself the bother, head to the library, and spend the time reading the first few chapters. You will be hooked.
Legally Blonde (Sat 7 830P) is better than most films of this genre but that doesn’t make it good. Starring Reese Witherspoon (who in truth I really can’t help but like) as the ditzy blonde who’s really intelligent underneath.
Rush Hour (Sat 9 10P) is (another) buddy cop movie between Chris Rock and Jackie Chan. Has its charming moments with the action breezing along quite amicably.
While more at home at the Palace Cinema, Balwyn during a Wednesday matinee session, Calendar Girls (Sun 7 830P) received above average reviews when it was released and stars experienced British faithfuls, Helen Mirren, Julie Walters and Linda Bassett. Something you could happily watch with the good lady wife as date movie of the week.
Bowling for Columbine (Sun 7 1045P) is another of Michael Moore’s rages against the machine, this time taking aim at America’s constitutional right to bear arms and the violence that comes from it. Above average doco with more hits than misses.
And for those that saw Ten Canoes at the Nova with me a couple of weeks ago (or have it on their short list), director Rolf De Heer narrates a doco about the making of Ten Canoes (Thu SBS 830P). “It is a compelling narrative (and not the usual Hollywood blockbuster study in sycophancy) which manages to stand up on its own, rather than as a companion piece.” Ten Canoes was an engaging film, the first completely shot in an Aboriginal language and I’m sure this doco will only add to that experience. The film was co-written with the local people, starred only those from their community and was sensitive to their cultural requests : for example, casting was determined by who accorded with the proper kinship ties rather than looks or ability.

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