Thursday, 13 July 2006

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Tasty TV Knows
As you'll recall, TV Tasty Knows' recent examination of Quiz shows was interrupted by an important development in another tube genre, the Travel show.
It is to this that TV Tasty Knows returns this week (if you can't keep up, ride a bike).
Travel shows are perennial, formulaic, rarely experimental and well juiced with hyperbole. The highlight offerings are usually the specials, featuring the "best of" category destinations. The superb camera work is often underrated and taken for granted, as there is much talent in getting the right shot, capturing the sunset, composing artistically and visually communicating the destination flavour within the limited production timelines.
The hosts too are a key element of the destination experience (but more of that later).
Unfortunately the information is the weakest part of these shows. Not at all what it should be for a travel show, even for the more escapist ones. Usually the information is lost at the expense of an over-emphasis on the presenter of the story (but more of that later).
We also often get the "same old destinations" (we KNOW the Greek islands look spectacular, can we move on now?), with the usual array of perky presenters, each just a bit different but usually not too much different (but more of that later - don't you listen?). At least there is the fun of guessing the trip costs at the end though.
The main features are the pretty pictures in your lounge room through the cold winter nights and a thumbnail sketch to hold your curiosity.
And speaking of main features, based on the last four year trend (TV Tasty knows) and the promos, they don't call Getaway, "Get'em Out", for nothing : Cue underwater swimsuit shot, emerging from pool shot, getting a massage shot, relaxing in a singlet-top shot (but more of that later).
And lest we forget the ones that started it all, "Bill Peach's Australia", and more importantly, "The Leyland Brothers". What Mike and Mal could have done had they gone overseas is a simple joy to ponder. Readers suggestions on places they would like to see Mike and Mal reporting from would be welcome.

TV Tasty top 3 travel shows are:
Lonely Planet
And Coxy's Big Break?...................thanks for trying big man.

TV Tasty Knows Pick of the week
I say again for the slow learners: Planet Earth : From pole to pole (Sun 2 730P)


GGBlog said...

>"Guess the trip costs at the end"
So, is this the merging of the two genres (travel and quiz) alluded to earlier ?

the artist formerly known as the artist said...

For some reason I can still recall the theme tune "Ask the Leyland Brothers".

GGBlog said...

Tasty TV, I watched Blue Planet on the ABC last night and certainly it’s a very creditable nature doco. The camera work is second-to-none, in last night’s episode the captured pictures of a snow leopard hunting mountain ibex up and down the Tibetan slopes which apparently is the first time that has ever been seen. Also, David Attenborough brings such a professional, knowledgeable and enthusiastic narrative to the presentation that you know that what you are watching is first class. The only thing about nature docos that bothers me is this, there is so much we don’t know that instead of giving me all the answers I seek about the snow leopard/panda bear/whatever we only get what they do know which might be 5 minutes at a particular location before moving on to some other part of the world to utilise the 5 minutes of interesting footage that they have captured from there. I find this very frustrating. A detail-tease I call it. “Here’s an interesting factoid about this topic. Now, on to another time, another place, another subject and here’s another interesting factoid about something completely different.” This comment has turned into a rant !

TV Tasty Knows (Reply) said...

Well ggblog, I'm glad to see you picked the luscious fruit that fell from the tree of TV Tasty Knows.
Furthermore, TV Tasty agrees wth you - this series is more about the amazing camera work and insight into the life of the creatures shown, more than the tit-bits of information.
The seguays between footage sequences are a little clumsy, though I believe it is best watched as one would a Classic Catches reel, where the context of the game or the side itself is not neccessary to explore fully. It is simply enough to say "That was Dyson/a pair of eagles, and that was an amazing outfield catch/take down of a migrating bird in flight over the Himalaya."
Your role is just to wallow in the pictures and be amazed.
(D.Attenborough and his muscial intonations are arguable however.)

I note too in passing that on the weekend a hack from the big paper wrote, in reviewing Planet Earth, and recommended for the SECOND TIME (ala TV Tasty Knows):
"I chose it last week and I'll just keep selecting it until you are all watching....It's superb telly."

But you were already reminded twice, and you knew, because TV Tasty Knows.

(Mehtinks the said hack reads "Thursday = Green Guide Day")