Thursday, 13 July 2006


We have a special treat for readers this week. Mr Rabelwatch himself gives his personal highlight and reflection on the World Cup, just concluded - ed. GGBlog
My personal highlight of the World Cup was Stephanie Brantz. She can read the sport report to me any night of the week.
With respect to the Socceroos, naturally I was absolutely devastated at their exit however I felt as though they progressed as far as they were going to progress. I do not believe that they were as unlucky as has been widely reported. We missed Mr Kewell terribly because he was the only one who could have unlocked the Italian defence. We never looked like knocking off ten men without him. With respect to the penalty seconds before the end of the match, the Italians did what anyone else in the competition would have done in that situation and taken a dive. That’s life.

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