Monday, 10 July 2006

Tasty Quiz Shows (Part 2)

TV Tasty Knows
Before TV Tasty Knows was so rudely interrupted by the startling revelation of seeing a MALE presenter in a travel story involving swimming underwater, TV Tasty Knows was poised to deliver Quiz Shows Part 2.......
And TV Tasty Knows MEANS quiz shows.
We're not talking about games shows, such as the highly acclaimed Family Feud (Tony Barber and Rob Brough eras the standouts) which had so many classic elements that some phrases have entered the lexicon. Nor are we talking about "Who wants to be a Mill-yonair (honk-honk try again) - sure there are questions, but the whole drawn-out milk-it-till-the-cow-falls-over affair is more game show than quiz show. TV Tasty Knows says "Once they have movable spots in the studio lighting grid you can be sure it's a game show." We are talking QUIZ shows, and TV Tasty's Top Picks are:

Sale of the Century - the game for everyone. It takes an ad break to learn and a lifetime to master

Mastermind - pure unadulterated quizzing

Spick and Specks - for sheer innovation and clean fun, and real trivia (though Richard Stubbs had a similar crack 10 years ago)

We can discuss games shows another day......

TV Tasty Knows Pick Of The Week:

Planet Earth : From Pole to Pole (2 Sun 730P)
If you have never seen a great white shark take-out a seal on the fly (and I know you haven't) you will watch this series

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