Thursday, 20 July 2006

TV Tasty Travels with Jennifer Hawkins

TV Tasty Knows
Well, it's now later so more about Travel show presenters.
There is definitely a change in the air. TV Tasty has received word that even Mr. Ernest Dingo squeezed into a pair of lolly bags to wallow in the blue water whilst showcasing a recent island resort segment. It appears they are spreading the togs around, if only perhaps to take the edge off the usual offerings from Mrs ex-Packer Jodie, advertising her wares (AND swimsuit design company). It certainly can't be the barrel torsos of the male hosts that are the attraction.
But let's look at the presenter as a species.
They are perky, desperate to identify with the viewer and share the experience, almost always gushing and over the top about the location (THE most amazing ever), often too sparse with real info, never critical of the freebie accommodation, rarely budget travelling in luxurious locations (this is saved for African safari "experiences") and they usually provide a quirky fact or two just to pretend they were there long enough to unearth heaps of other interesting facts. And they're usually young things too. And there's a vast array of chicks, which would include the frizzy red head from A Country Practice (who always leaves TV Tasty cold), but usually in the Catriona Rowntree mould, who frankly is getting very tiring with her patronising sing song voice, and understandably, we have all worked out her particular travel tastes.
Curiously however, Ernie Dingo hosted the Great Outdoors for years, and TV Tasty can't understand why. His cutesy, "I'm a bumbling big kid" schtick was beneath him and gave the viewers nothing, appearing to be aimed at entertaining 6 years olds. He is far better with his thoughts now as a segment presenter, showing us his own personal travel style, and appears to have dropped his mugging approach. Perhaps there has been a missed opportunity for Ernie to be a mould breaker as host.
Other mould breakers would include Ben Dark (when he started, though now emphasises goofy aussie thickhead), Laura Csortan (a more down to earth, sporty presenter and TV Tasty admires her back tat), Sorrell Wilby (who was easily the most experienced traveller with an authentic wide range experience, offering very different insights accordingly), and David Reyne (who doesn't get too carried away with locations, presented a verbal barrage of alliteration to keep himself amused, and had a slightly sneery style now being further developed on morning tv - but more of that later). And a relative new comer in Daddo #26, Cameron, who is actually someone you could have a laugh with on a holiday.
Just before signing off for this week, some travel TV magic occurred recently when Jen-red G Hawkins went swimming with the sharks off South Africa. Through the audio, TV Tasty heard a VERY authentic and blood curdling scream of terror, with some later footage and audio of a very unnerved presenter underwater in a cage while great white pointers (no jokes please) came open mouthed at the mesh. On surfacing, the range of emotions were not left on the editing room floor, and I think this story will have attracted a lot of admirers for the personality, as well as the derrière. A more authentic travel experience for the viewers was the winner.

TV Tasty Knows Top 3:
Mike and Mal Leyland - Doyens!
Cameron Daddo - you can just relate to him
David Reyne - gush free

TV Tasty Knows Pick of The Week
Top Gear (Mon SBS 730P)
Covers the wonderful work of motor cars. This series has got a little blokey (last week they had the new sports Land Rover trying to out run a British tank over rough terrain) but hopefully they will still do the quirky stuff from last year, like the race between the presenters to see what will get you from France to Belgium quicker - a Ferrari or public transport. (Answer available on request - TV Tasty Knows.)

TV Tasty Knows Special Comment
Very best wishes for Saturday Lachlan.
(Yes, TV Tasty Knows)


lach said...

Thanks TVT. Nice desiccation of travel shows. I hardly ever watch them, but you've nailed it. Ernie Dingo is infuriating.

I always get David and James Reyne confused. One of them is on a morning program, and was recently busted on MediaWatch for not knowing what a placebo is.

Fair enough he didn't know, but the way in which he continued was quite funny. The scientist said something like "There was a 20% chance of success with a drug, compared with 30% chance of success with a placebo." And he goes "Well, shouldn't we give all of the people placebo's then? Why not?" - it was pretty funny.

Top Gear is quite a good show, also recommended.

scALlywag said...

TVT, you have landed another one right on the green indeed.
Lach - maybe you had to see it to know if he was being thick, but is it possible he was making a good point? If the placebo actually gets a 30% better result than nothing, then perhaps you may as well prescribe a placebo!
(Underneath all the hooey, he's a fairly sharp character....)

lach said...

Scallywag - you're right, you did have to see it. The whole point of giving people a placebo in a controlled test is to avoid the "placebo effect". What was funny about the interview was that he was having a go at the Doctor, and clearly didn't know what he was talking about. He should have just owned up and said "umm, what's a placebo do again?"