Thursday, 16 March 2006

Apart from the Games, you could watch this ...

Frustrated writers begin blogs and frustated tv stars do cooking shows : The Hairy Bikers Cookbook (SBS Fri 8P) is yet another variation on a tired theme. What’s the gimmick this time ? Fat ? done that; Kooky ? done that; Ethnic ? done that; Hairy ? we’ve found our niche boys !
Saturday night offers the best film viewing this week even if the offerings are not new. Phillip Noyce’s Rabbit-Proof Fence (7 Sat 830P) is excellent but it was only on last year and the Noyce double-act, this one from 1989, Dead Calm (9 Sat 11P) is likewise excellent (and it stars who-know-who) but not exactly recent.
Sunday night offers Hitchcock’s Dial M For Murder (9 Sun 11P) starring Grace Kelly with the next best, Shyamalan’s (Sixth Sense) Signs (7 Sun 830P) an okay set-up spooky horror that doesn’t quite deliver.
Above average French thriller He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (SBS Wed 10P) stars Audrey Tatou and keep tuning into SBS’ Thursday night ‘Fresh Australian Drama’ : next week The Glenmore Job, directed by Greg Williams who also won the best short at this year’s Tropfest.

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