Wednesday, 29 March 2006

Cyclone Larry - a story

Rat in a Hat felt a moment of regret for his friends but knew the salvation of him and his family was at stake. Cyclone Larry had swept through the central Queensland coast wreaking destruction in its path. The small village where Rat, the Teddies and B1 and B2 all lived happily, had been rent asunder by the fierce winds and thrashing rain.
Rat had burrowed deep underground where he had long ago discovered an existing network of forgotton drains and tunnels. There, he and his family had waited out the storm raging above ground.
The Bananas had fared less well as their thatched hut amongst the plantations had been blown away early and with no protection from the elements, the yellow skinned friends had tried desperately to cling to neighbouring vegetation. The ferocity of the cyclone however destroyed hectare upon hectare of the delicate fruit and it was during a sustained period of high wind that the Bananas were tossed from their hiding place and lost their lives.
Morgan had suspected early in the evening that the Bananas house would not survive the storm and had set out to locate his friends and urge them to safety. Alone in their basement, Lulu and Amy had clung to each other while the cyclone raged. Initially they clung in fear and slowly as the long night progressed their fear gave way to desperation when Morgan did not return.
Stirring long withheld feelings, the frenzy from without manifested itself into passion within and neither Lulu nor Amy were even aware that the cyclone had passed as they lay content in each others arms when the first light of morning broke.
Meanwhile, from his hiding place, Rat in a Hat scouted for fresh food and water that would ensure his immediate survival.
The Hat family nibbled on freshly peeled banana that their father had secured, unaware of its true origin.

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