Thursday, 9 March 2006

A book I've been reading

I have just finished reading "The Loop" by Nicholas Evans (he of "The Horse Whisperer" fame). I would give it 3 / 5 stars, enjoyable without being a modern masterpiece. This quote concerns the end of an old hunter, one of the lesser characters in the book. It creates some of the best imagery I have read where it concerns someone dying

He had dealt with death all his days and thus had little fear of it. And when at last it came, there was no clamor or fanfare of pain, nor any vengeful recitation of his sins.
Instead , in his reverie, he saw a baby’s face, by the light of a candle, staring at him. Perhaps it was the baby down at the house, though it seemed somehow different. Perhaps it was the child he and Winnie had never had.
Then, suddenly, the wolfer knew it was his own young self. And in that moment, the shadow of his unknown mother leaned toward the candle flame and gently blew it out.

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