Thursday, 23 March 2006


What makes watching something like the Commonwealth Games on a station like Channel 9 so frustrating is that our reasons for being there are at polar opposites to theirs. We see the opportunity to show off our city, watch sports and disciplines we don’t usually get to see, and cheer on the best the rest of the world [commonwealth] has to offer.
The television station has three objectives too. These are :
1) Win the weekly (and nightly) ratings, so that
2) those companies that have paid for air time get maximum exposure and so that
3) channel 9 can entice you with their new shows coming up after the games so that those same companies can continue to get maximum exposure of their product/service/message
No wonder there has been countless inches of press space complaining about the parochialism of the coverage, the constant flicking between events (and lots of swimming) and the indifference/ignorance/jingoism of the commentators.
Just on Darrell Eastlake (broadcasting the weight lifting), he strikes me as the stereotyped north-of-the-border rugby league footballer. Entertaining at the footy club barbecue where funny story after funny story are called for but not so sure if I’d want to be share a house with him. He does get excited though doesn’t he ?

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